IT Solutions that Support Your Growth 

Sqiva's revolutionary web-based system for transportation companies integrates reservation & ticketing, inventory management, distribution, yield optimization and other functions for one-stop management and increased sales. This streamlined yet comprehensive system supports millions of passengers trips each year across the globe.

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Our Mission

To provide IT transport system solutions for your business success


Core Values

Services, Quality, Integrity

Helping our clients span the globe for their continued business success


Our user friendly AWAN® product solution supports traditional, low cost and hybrid airlines alike. Its integrated array of offerings is designed to meet the needs of modern transport companies.

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The Sqiva Rail Ticket (RTS) reservation & ticketing systems successfully handles millions of railway passengers each year, while broadening distribution channels for increased sales.

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An extension of our core products, our web-based Bus Reservation & Ticketing system is flexible and yet robust, for integrated management..

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Our modular OMBAK® reservation & ticketing product solution is designed to support the integrated management and growth of passenger ship and ferry services.

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