Why Choose AWAN® Reservation System?

AWAN® supports traditional, low cost and hybrid airlines alike. It facilitates the distribution of airline tickets so that travel agents, and even networks with sub-agents, can utilize it. The system’s modular structure will allow an appropriate fit with the airline’s demands. 

Comprehensive and integrated – Suitable for all airlines – Supports all distribution channels – Web-based and centralized


The comprehensive, integrated software ensures a seamless flow of centralized data, from scheduling to revenue accounting for improved efficiency. Our system can also link to external services such as credit card, ATM payment or traditional distribution systems.


Streamline your operations and minimize paperwork; reduces network and communication costs; enable travel agents to directly access the system; intuitive interface reduces training time; no private and expensive gateway links are required.


The web-based system allows easy access anytime and anywhere.


Fast implementation and deployment. Implementing AWAN® will take approximately one week. If a high level of customization is needed, the implementation should not require more than two weeks.