Sqiva Rail Ticket System (RTS)

A comprehensive and reliable rail ticketing system that successfully handles millions of rail passengers per year. Featuring flexible yet robust Reservation & Inventory and Distribution modules, the Sqiva RTS solution is a user friendly solution that has been proven to improve sales distribution, passenger experience, and revenue for rail companies through better yield management.


Benefits of Sqiva RTS

Boosting your productivity:


  • The integrated and streamlined modules decrease operational costs
  • E-ticketing and online revenue accounting minimize paperwork
  • The web-based structure reduces network and communication costs
  • Travel agents can directly access the system
  • Reduced need for staffing


The intuitive interface makes it simple to use, cutting down on training time.

Our systems were built by travel industry professionals with decades of experience

Sqiva RTS Advantages

Reservation & Inventory Management

The Reservation & Inventory module enables management to easily and transparently manage schedules, fares, and inventory in one integrated place.

Broader Distribution for Increased Sales

The Distribution module opens up broader sales opportunities and makes sales easier and faster for higher revenue.

  • Supports indirect sales through appointed travel agents and corporate clients, as well as the Global Distribution System.
  • Also supports direct sales via company website or mobile application.

Loyalty Module

An optional Customer Loyalty Module is available to enhance the experience.


Secure, integrated Payment Gateway optionssecured by VeriSign SSL Encryption™ facilitate real-time transactions.


Able to view and generate custom reports.

Yield Optimization

Specifically designed to efficiently and elegantly enable modern rail companies to optimize yields.


The web-based system can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Fast Deployment

Easy and simple to deploy, with a user friendly interface for fast training time.


Both web and mobile-responsive.



In 2011, Sqiva RTS was implemented by the Indonesian national railway, PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) for all of its ticketing management needs. Within six months, Sqiva RTS had been successfully deployed, immediately boosting passenger traffic and enabling one-stop management of the previously fragmented ticketing system, as well as improving profits.

Since then, KAI has continued to successfully use Sqiva RTS to reach three hundred million passengers in 2014 with doubled profits. The contribution of Sqiva RTS has resulted in consistent multi-channel sales distribution growth for higher revenue, as well as better passenger service. Passengers now enjoy guaranteed seats, and the rail stations are no longer jam-packed. KAI itself has won numerous domestic and regional awards, becoming an example for other government organizations to follow.